Internship and studies abroad

Many students at Health will have to complete a clinical internship as part of their study programme. This means they will be working directly with patients while they are still students, and that they will be asked to make specific diagnoses and administer treatment in collaboration with professional staff. This applies to the students at medicine and odontology, and those on the study programmes for dental hygienist, dental surgery assistant, laboratory technologist and clinical denturism.

At sport science and public health science, it is possible to take an internship in companies and organisations such as the Central Denmark Region, sports associations and the like. This is where the students can get insight into work tasks, together with the opportunity to test their knowledge and competences in a job situation similar to the one they will meet after they graduate. Find out more about internships under the individual degree programme in the study guide.

In addition, students also have the opportunity to spend a semester abroad. Health has agreements with universities in a number of European and Scandinavian countries. You can see the possibilities for each degree programme at the study portals.