Study environment

Health has a vibrant study environment with around 4,000 students distributed among 16 Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes within the health sciences. The faculty is well-known for its good study environment.

The majority of Health is centred in the classic university buildings in the area between the University Park and Vennelystparken. This is also where most of Health’s administrative staff are based. However, this does not apply to the sport science programme, which is located on Dalgas Avenue in the heart of Aarhus. 

Library and study spaces

AU Library, Health Sciences is the health science library at Aarhus University. The library is located in the Victor Albeck building and has study spaces and group rooms for students, which are available to all students at Health. Other study spaces can be found in the individual departments.


Uniquely in Denmark, students of medicine at Health have their very own building – Medicinerhuset – which serves as the venue for all kinds of academic and social events. 

Cafeteria and café

Another focal point is the cafeteria at the Aarhus School of Dentistry and Dale's Café, which also is a focal point for many international students.

Student associations

There are several student associations that give students the opportunity to get involved in social, academic and political activities.

Start of studies and alcohol policy

The start of studies at Health must be pleasant and festive, and there must also be events where no alcohol is consumed. Read more in the guidelines on the Bachelor’s degree programme study start at Health

See how the students themselves experience student life at AU.