Knowledge, health and welfare

Aarhus University and the Central Denmark Region are creating health and welfare through knowledge at a high international level.

Healthy cooperation

In 2012 Aarhus University and the Central Denmark Region entered into the “Healthy cooperation” agreement on cooperation in the healthcare sector. The agreement comprises the entire healthcare system in the Central Denmark Region and it puts into place the framework for research-based health services of the highest quality. Together, we focus on knowledge, health and welfare, so that patients and citizens in the region are guaranteed world-class treatment.

The cooperation entails

  • Continuing to develop the excellent working relationship concerning the university hospital. 
  • The regional hospitals serving as teaching hospitals, with an obligation to provide research-based teaching for students. 
  • The university having responsibility for all research conducted at the somatic and psychiatric hospitals in the region – and in the public health area – irrespective of the financial background of this research.
  • The possibility of hospital departments with significant research activities becoming university clinics.
  • The university appointing academic coordinators at the regional hospitals and the prehospital to act as on-site coordinators for research, student teaching, PhD supervision etc.
  • Establishing a shared management structure with a management forum and two coordination committees for hospitals and the field of public health, respectively. 

Strategy tracks in the cooperation

  • We develop new knowledge at a high international level
  • We exchange knowledge locally, nationally and internationally
  • We apply knowledge actively

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