Business Engagement Partners at Health

Six industrial ambassadors make it easier for companies to gain access to research-based knowledge at the Faculty of Health, while also helping researchers from the faculty who wish to collaborate with or start their own companies. The goal is to create growth and development for the participating parties.

The industrial ambassadors keep an eye open for scientific discoveries that can have potential for commercial – or other practical – use.

The industrial ambassadors can

  • Take the initiative and support cooperation with business and industry, other units at Aarhus University or other parties.
  • Help to ensure that relevant information finds the right recipient, regardless of whether the recipient is located at the ambassador's own department or unit – or elsewhere in the university or its surroundings.
  • Ensure the gathering of experience and internal coordination at Aarhus University. 

Department of Biomedicine

Claus Olesen

Senior Researcher
H 1182, 113
P +4587167753
P +4561260035

Department of Public Health

Thomas Bull Andersen

Associate professor
H 3410, 435
P +4587168165
P +4528114126

Department of Clinical Medicine

Martin Vesterby

!!Director, Innovation and Research
H Hedeager 3
P +4525137203
P +4520267814

Department of Dentistry and Oral Health

Anne B. Christensen

Head Dentist
H 1614, 399B
P +4587167649
P +4522170641

Department of Dentistry and Oral Health Care

Rubens Spin-Neto

Associate professor
P +4542434836

Department of Forensic Medicine

Christian Lindholst

Head of Department
H Z, 3.017
P +4587168331
P +4520939223