Research collaboration

Companies can get help from researchers at Health – and vice versa. This applies to small and medium-sized companies, as well as larger multinationals.

Research projects can test a product in connection with sports presentations, or test a new treatment option. However, the collaboration can also take the form of idea generation, an Industrial PhD or co-financed research.

Opportunities for research collaboration

Core facilities

Health has at its disposal service units with special equipment and special competences that are available to researchers from universities, hospitals and other business partners. These are known as core facilities.

Department of Clinical Epidemiology (KEA)

The Department of Clinical Epidemiology, Aarhus University Hospital is an international research department with employees from more than ten countries and a number of affiliated researchers. The department offers research-related services to both public bodies and private biotech companies.

NEXT (National Experimental Therapy Partnership)

NEXT is a public-private partnership in the area of clinical research which comprises the Danish regions, universities, pharmaceutical companies and a GTS institute. NEXT also has additional associated partners. The Centre for Infectious Diseases is anchored at Aarhus University Hospital.

Open entrepreneurship

The Department of Biomedicine and the interdisciplinary iNano Centre are among the spearheads of the "Open Entrepreneurship" pilot project which aims to accelerate commercialisation of research. The Danish Industry Foundation has invested DKK 35 million in the project, which makes it possible for representatives from the industry to sit in the research environments – and for companies to open their doors to researchers.

Industrial PhD/postdoc

A combined business-oriented research project and PhD programme in a collaboration between a company, a PhD student and the university. Companies apply to the Innovation Fund Denmark for an Industrial PhD and the PhD candidate applies to the Graduate School.

Contact: Henrik Scriver

Other opportunities for collaboration

  • Én indgang
    Simple and effective entry for the industry to make agreements around clinical trials
  • AU Food Platform
    Interdisciplinary research and innovation in food