Project bank

Here you will find the projects that was presented at Match Making Day. You can choose from a large number of research areas that are represented at the Faculty of Health, Aarhus University.

The research projects included below target all types of students, both medical students and students from other disciplines.

Pick out the most interesting project and find/contact the project owner.

For project owners
The project bank will be reset just before the next event, meaning that all projects will be available in the period from one event to the next. Please contact the organisers if you wish to have your poster removed in the meantime.

Please make sure that all content used in the poster is in accordance with the rules of copyright.

Department/companyField of researchProject titleProject owner
Dept. of BiomedicineCell Biology Tumor intrinsic mechanisms in melanoma and the dynamics between tumor and immune cells: the role of the endolysosomal machinery of melanoma cells Mette Madsen
Dept. of Biomedicine  RheumatologyHuman ex vivo models of inflammation and mechanistic biomarkers Tue Kragstrup
Dept. of Biomedicine GeneticsCRISPR screening of genes associated with TAU aggregation based on a seeding modelYonglun Luo
Dept. of Biomedicine GeneticsTranslational cancer research related to genetics, epigenetics and non-coding RNAsLasse Sommer Kristensen
Dept. of Biomedicine BiochemistryProtein aggregation and BiofilmMaria Andreasen
Dept. of Biomedicine Inflammation and infectionVirologi og ImmunologiTove Christensen
Dept. of Biomedicine Cell BiologyMolecular mechanism of disease pathology during Chlamydia infectionKarthika Rajeeve
Dept. of Biomedicine Cell Biology and physiologyCell Biology and Physiology Rikke Nielsen
Dept. of Biomedicine PharmacologyEndothelial cell research to fight cardiovascular disease  Ulf Simonsen
Dept. of Biomedicine MembranesBile acid diarrhea in patients treated for colon cancer with right-sided hemicolectomyHanne B. Møller (projekt er repræsenteret ved Jonathan Yde)
Dept. of Biomedicine and AIASEndocrinologyHeterogeneity of endothelial cells in obesity: gatekeepers of adipose inflammation?Joanna Kalucka
Dept. of Clinical MedicineRespiratoryBetydning af IgE for mast celle aktivering i den allergiske responsHans Jürgen Hoffmann
Dept. of Clinical Medicine  CardiovascularDoes maximal oxygen consumption change in patients treated for chronic occluded coronary arteries?Ashkan Eftekhari
Dept. of Clinical Medicine    Cardiovascular   Proteomics in molecular medicineJohan Palmfeldt
Dept. of Clinical Medicine    Public HealthGod start på familielivetSine Skovbjerg
Dept. of Clinical Medicine    Ear, Nose, ThroatLugte- og smagssansforskningAlexander Fjældstad
Dept. of Clinical Medicine      Cell BiologyAquaporin vandkanaler i sundhed og sygdom

Lene Niemann Nejsum

Dept. of Clinical Medicine      PhysiologyFunctional measures of the peripheral nervesMartin Nors Skov og Michael Pedersen

Dansk Ramazzini Center  

Environmental and Occupational Medicine

Project proposals in Environmental and Occupational MedicineHenrik Kolstad
Dept. of Clinical Medicine   OtherGenotype-fænotype studier indenfor neurofibromatose og allergi    Annette Haagerup  
Dept. of Forensic MedicinePharmacologyMolecular pharmacology of illicit drugsSteffen Sinning
DARE/The Lundbeck FoundationOtherThe Danish-American Research Exchange (DARE) program  Cecilie Velsø Mæng
AcademondoOtherMatchmaking og innovationThomas Nørhaven


NeurobiologyRehaler - defend your brain from migraine

Troels Johansen

Dept. of BiomedicineCell BiologyMolecular and translational disease - Hypertension and kidney diseaseRobert A. Fenton