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2014.07.23 | Department of Clinical Medicine, Research

Anti-cancer drug kicks HIV out of hiding

Danish researchers take another small step in the fight against HIV

3,000 adolescents participated in the PhD study from Aarhus University about adolescents and knee pain.

2014.07.02 | Research

Many people never grow out of their growing pains

A new research project from Aarhus University shows that many adolescents suffer from knee pain for several years. The pain impacts both sporting activities and quality of life.

From the left: Anders Sommer, Anders  F. Mortensen, Maria Langschwager, Donika Tufa, Xamda Abdirisaq, Mikkel Præst, Mie Østergaard, Rajukumar Ragupathy. Photo: Anders Trærup/AU Communikation.

2014.06.30 | Department of Clinical Medicine

Healthcare innovators graduate

Last Friday the first eight innovators completed almost a year’s studying on Denmark's only education in healthcare innovation. The first patent applications are already in the pipeline.

76,000 mothers have in the survey been interviewed about the development and behavior of their child, when the child was between six and 18 month old.

2014.06.26 | Research

ADHD and autism can already be seen in toddlers

Children with autism are often first diagnosed at the ages of five or six – and even later for children with ADHD. A major Danish study now documents that deviant development can already be seen during the child’s first two years.

Diana Schendel.

2014.06.26 | Health, People

Aarhus University has a new autism researcher

American Diana Schendel has been appointed Professor with special responsibilities at the Department of Public Health and the National Centre for Register-based Research at Aarhus University. Here she will continue to work on outlining possible factors involved in the development of autism.

The new study is based on data from 119,908 young men.

2014.06.16 | Health, Research

Stress early in life can increase the risk of overweight in adulthood

A study from Aarhus University helps our understanding of the causes that may lie behind obesity and overweight.

Peter Vedsted, Aarhus University.

2014.06.23 | Health

Distinguished scholarship to researcher from Aarhus

Peter Vedsted from Aarhus University has just received the Magda and Svend Aage Friederich Commemorative Scholarship. He receives the scholarship for his contribution to research within general medicine.

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