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Professor Torben Ørntoft expects great advantages of personalized medicine for patients and society.

2014.02.17 | Health

Tailored treatment can prolong life

The number of cancer patients is increasing as the number of senior citizens in society increases. It will, however, be possible to treat many patients more efficiently thanks to advanced mapping of genes.

It has just been made public that four researchers from Health are among the recipients of grants from the Danish Council for Independent Research. Archive: AU Communication.

2014.02.20 | Health, People, Department of Clinical Medicine, Department of Biomedicine

Aarhus researchers receive grants from the Danish Council for Independent Research

The Danish Council for Independent Research has just awarded research funds totalling more than DKK 40 million. Four of the recipients are researchers from Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital.

High cholesterol is related to obesity and physical inactivity, but can also be hereditary.

2014.02.07 | Health, Department of Biomedicine, Research

Research results show new way for cholesterol treatment

A basic research project from Aarhus University now sheds new light on the pharmaceutical industry’s new hope in the field of cholesterol treatment. The results show that there is apparently another and just as effective way of reducing so-called bad cholesterol, which is the cause of the world’s largest killer - cardiovascular diseases.

Thesis student in molecular medicine Pernille Ommen Andersen from Aarhus University, Department of Clinical Medicine.

2014.02.18 | Health, People, Department of Clinical Medicine

Student from Aarhus receives Novo Scholarship 2014

Pernille Ommen Andersen is writing her MSc thesis in molecular medicine at Aarhus University. She will now receive a scholarship from Novo Nordisk and Novozymes for her research into fibroblasts and psoriasis.

Newly appointed Professor Jens Georg Leipziger is affiliated with the Department of Biomedicine at Aarhus University.

2014.02.11 | Health, People, Department of Biomedicine

Aarhus University appoints kidney professor

Jens Georg Leipziger has recently taken up the position of professor at Aarhus University. His speciality is the kidneys and their function.

Birgitte Enemark Iversen and Ragnhild Søndergaard have just passed their final project and can now call themselves dental assistants with a further education in odontological practice.

2014.02.11 | Health, Education

SKT turns out Denmark’s first further educated dental assistants

In January 2014 The School for Dental Assistants, Hygienists and Clinical Technicians (SKT) could congratulate the two students who have become the first dental assistants with a further education in odontological practice.

Bjørn Richelsen’s research focuses on the consequences that may be associated with a weight loss operation.

2014.02.11 | Health, Grant, People

Grant puts the focus on weight loss surgery

Bjørn Richelsen, who is professor of clinical nutrition at Aarhus University and consultant at Aarhus University Hospital, has just received substantial funding from the Novo Nordisk Foundation. The grant will help to improve the treatment relating to weight loss surgery.

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