Health's Mission

The mission of Aarhus University, Health is to improve public health through research, talent development and education at a high international level, as well as to ensure knowledge dissemination and knowledge transfer throughout the field of healthcare.

Health's Vision

Health is to contribute actively to boosting the health and well-being of the general population, to preventing and diagnosing illnesses, and to ensuring that sick people are treated, cared for and rehabilitated effectively on the basis of modern, evidence-based criteria. We do so by:

  • generating new and useful knowledge through top-class research
  • supporting the development of those talents who are and will be employed at Health
  • collecting and communicating knowledge from and to the surrounding society
  • Nurture highly qualified graduates who complete relevant, effective degree programmes.

Strategies for Health towards 2020

The general strategic objectives for Health are:

  • To increase the number of national and international top researchers.
  • To increase the number of articles in high-impact international journals.
  • To attract more and larger external research grants.
  • To strengthen talent development through continued improvement of the quality and internationalisation of the area's PhD programmes.
  • To attract the best students and teaching staff, as well as to develop the university’s teaching and research programmes.
  • To reinforce partnerships, both
  • internally in academia and in relation to the municipal, regional and commercial sectors.
  • To strengthen the university’s role as a supplier of research-based knowledge to society through an ambitious Scientific Social Responsibility strategy.