Genes, cells and molecules


The research into genetics at AU Health concerns itself with the correlation between genes and diseases by studying stem cells, fertility, infertility, embryo development and cell development.

Cell membranes

Each and every cell in our body is surrounded by a membrane is called a biomembrane. The biomembrane controls the life of the cell and it is therefore important to acquire knowledge about how the membrane functions. 

Molecular diagnostics

The research in molecular diagnostics focuses on taking its point of origin in the disciplines biochemistry, molecular biology and cell biology. New knowledge is gained about how to optimise methods to identify diseases and provide a much more specific diagnosis and treatment.

The research within these areas at AU Health takes place at the Department of Biomedicine and in a number of research centres. In these areas research groups focus their work within specialised areas of research in genetics, cell membranes and molecular diagnostics. You can read more about the research areas via the links below.

Research areas

Clinical Medicine


Department of Biomedicine

Department of Clinical Medicine

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