Faculty Management Team

The faculty management team at Health consists of the Dean, the three Vice Deans, the five Heads of Department from the faculty, an Adviser, the Administration Manager and the Head of Communications.

The faculty management team at Health meets every two weeks and makes decisions about the guiding lines for the faculty on the basis of input from the Dean's Office.

The faculty also has an Academic Council and an Advisory Board, which advises the management on strategic and academic issues.


Lars Bo Nielsen

Dean, Professor

Vice-dean for Talent Development

Vice-dean for Education

Vice-dean for Research

Administration Centre Manager

Steen Harrit Jakobsen

Administration Centre Manager
H bldg. 1431, 303
P +4587152013
P +4525219894

Secretariat Manager

Nete Dorff Ramlau-Hansen

Head of Secretariat
H bldg. 1265, 220
P +4520999059
P +4520999059

Head of Communications

Ulla Krag Jespersen

Head of Communications, Health
H bldg. 1267
P +4531691014

Department heads


Thomas G. Jensen

Head of Department
H bldg. 1267, 113
P +4587168391
P +4527782805

Public Health

Ole Bækgaard Nielsen

Head of Department
P +4560202674

Clinical Medicine

Dentistry and Oral Health

Siri Beier Jensen

H bldg. 1613, 144
P +4587168157
P +4593508525

Forensic Medicine

Christian Lindholst

Head of Department
H bldg. Z, 3.017
P +4587168331
P +4520939223