The Muscle Focus Group

The interdisciplinary Muscle Focus Group aims to bring together researchers from AU Health, who are interested in understanding the role of skeletal muscle in health and disease and in gaining insights into the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying muscle dysfunction during the development and progression of muscle diseases. The goal of this group is to promote the discussion of cutting edge-research with our colleagues, in order to spark interdisciplinary collaborations that will lead to scientific breakthroughs and facilitate the development of therapeutic interventions. 

The interdisciplinary Muscle Focus Group will organize bi-monthly meetings with research presentations, flash talks and networking sessions. We also plan to host ad-hoc seminars with international speakers, as well as a one-day on-site retreat with poster sessions where students can present their work and receive constructive feedback.  


Ermelinda Porpiglia and Jean Farup from Dept. of Biomedicine, Lars Hvid and Mette Hansen from Dept. of Public Health (member of the Food and Nutrition Steering Committee)

Next Meeting

The next meeting will take place in January 31st, 2024. 


Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies (AIAS)

Høegh-Guldbergs Gade 6B
8000 Aarhus C


2.00pm: Welcome from the steering group

2.05pm: Thomas Holm Pedersen “Role of skeletal muscle specific ClC-1 chloride ion channels in health and disease

2.45pm: Networking and cake/coffee

3.05pm: Stephan Lange “Exploring the role of cullin-3 for muscle development and function”

3.45pm: Final remarks

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