Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and loss of muscle mass are examples of diseases and conditions which are either entirely or partially attributable to incorrect nutrition, and which cost society as a whole millions of kroner.

The network focuses on food and nutrition in a health and disease context. We know that diabetics and heart patients can prevent and reduce their challenges by eating in a specific way and in some cases using dietary supplements. The same is true of patients who lose muscle mass in connection with aging or illness.

As a society, we need a lot more knowledge about the correlation between diet and health. The correlation is an element in many research areas at Health, but is rarely the primary research area. This is why we work together in the network to map patterns and correlations and in this way highlight new and unacknowledged perspectives.

The food and nutrition network comprises a wide range of clinical researchers, laboratory researchers and epidemiologists, who work with methods ranging from clinical interventional studies to population studies and biomedical mechanism research.