Cancer has a huge prevalence in the population and is the leading cause of death in Denmark. More than 45.000 Danes are diagnosed with a form of cancer yearly.

In the Translational Cancer Network, we want to help keep a consistent focus on translating our newest findings from basic research into the clinical situation, and vice versa, to create new and better treatments for patients. 

The Faculty of Health has many talented cancer researchers who work within a variety of highly specialised areas, and  the network is our meeting forum.

We are at the cutting edge in a wide range of disciplines, from surgery to immunology, from transplantation to reconstruction, from radiation and particle therapy to liquid biopsies and circulating tumour DNA.

The aim of the network is to help create an even more collaborative culture and provide greater insight into projects within the areas of translational cancer research. We wish to maximise our knowledge sharing and turn Aarhus into a beacon within the translational area of cancer research.