Recruitment procedures at Health

Recruitment procedures at Health


Recruitment and employment at Health

Health wishes to attract and retain the best-qualified employees in all of the faculty's areas of employment. It is therefore important that there are professional recruitment processes, which are both well-planned and well-executed.

A successful recruitment process requires the recruitment and appointment process to be characterised by quality. Managers appointing new employees can use this page to find information and tools for ensuring a good recruitment and employment process. Members of an assessment committee or expert committee can find guidelines and tools that support their work in the recruitment process. Finally, employees, applicants and union representatives who wish to find out more about recruitment processes at Health can benefit from visiting these pages.

In addition, you should be aware of the rules and guidelines that apply in connection with recruitment and employment at Aarhus University – find out more by visiting "Intranet" under Staff > Staff Service > HR > Recruitment and employment > Recruitment procedure.

Please note that the documents below will be updated on an ongoing basis. 

FAQ for the assessment committee

  • When do members of the assessment committee receive remuneration for participation?

As soon as the assessment process is completed and approved, external members of the assessment committee receive an email containing a form to fill out and return, so that remuneration for their participation can be made.

  • Must we use the template?

Yes. The assessment committee must prepare the assessment in the specified template for the type of position.

  • Must all questions in the template be answered?

The chair is responsible for ensuring that an assessment is prepared for each applicant. The assessment must meet the requirements described in the guidelines for the assessment committee. It is therefore necessary to consider all of the questions in the template for the assessment.

FAQ for applicants

  • I have previously been assessed as qualified within the same job category – will this assessment be sufficient?  

If the assessment is carried out after 1 March 2016, which is the date on which the new guidelines for the assessment of candidates take effect, then the assessment will be valid. This requires, however, that the appointment is within the same job category and also that there have not been significant changes to the position.

  • I have previously been assessed on the basis of the new criteria for assessment – when will I need to be assessed again?

A new assessment must be made when there is a transition from one job category to another or if there is a change of position that entails significant changes to that position.

  • I would like to upload more than the ten publications for use in my assessment – is this possible?

As an applicant you can upload more than ten publications for use in the assessment. This requires that you upload a single file containing all of the publications that you wish to be used in the assessment. Please upload this file using the "other material" field.

  • Why can’t I submit my application?

If you have difficulty submitting your application, you may find that using a different web browser can help, for example Mozilla Firefox.

  • What should I do if I do not have material for all of the fields?

As an applicant you can enter a dash or even upload an empty document in any fields where you do not have material.


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