The Cardiovascular Network

The network deals with all sides of cardiovascular diseases from basic research over pre-clinical and clinical research to the epidemiological aspects.

As the results of treatment improve, more patients survive with cardiovascular diseases and thus grow older with their cardiovascular disease. This presents its own challenge, as many patients not only suffer from a cardiovascular disease but also from several other diseases. This combination of heart disease and other diseases is called multimorbidity – a condition that worsens heart failure.

The network’s fundamental purpose is to clarify mechanisms and improve the treatment of cardiovascular diseases that lead to heart failure. We therefore examine environmental effects and hereditary conditions with particular focus on multimorbidity.

The network’s ambition is to utilise radical new ways of thinking and innovation to improve the provision of individualised treatment of patients with cardiovascular diseases in the form of personalised medicine. The network is working strategically and systematically to increase the collaboration between basic research, clinical research, health service research and clinics throughout the Central Denmark Region. In this way, we wish to increase knowledge and improve the quality and effectiveness of treatment of individual patients through a translational strategy.

CVD Network meeting

CVD-network information meeting on April 1st is postponed to later in the year.

A new date will be announced later on.

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