As we achieve better treatment outcomes, more patients survive and grow old with cardiovascular disease. This poses the challenge that, in addition to the heart disease, many patients eventually also suffer from several other diseases.

This combination of heart disease and other diseases is called multimorbidity - a condition that aggravates heart failure.

The basic purpose of the network is to investigate mechanisms and improve the treatment of heart disease leading to heart failure. We therefore explore environmental influences and genetic factors with a special attention to multimorbidity.

It is the network's ambition, through radical innovation, to become better at treating patients with cardiovascular disease individually (“personalized medicine”). The network works strategically and systematically to increase collaboration between basic research, clinical research, health services research and clinics throughout the Central Denmark Region. In this way, we want to create greater knowledge as well as improved quality and efficiency of the individual patient care through a translational strategy.


Anja P. Einholm

Network Coordinator

Student worker, network