How to Collaborate with Health

Research at Health is carried out at five departments: Biomedicine, Public Health, Clinical Medicine, Dentistry and Oral Health as well as Forensic Medicine. Read more about our research areas and find a researcher for your project.

You can access research services from the faculty's core facilities. The Core facilities have special skills and equipment, and they offer specialized services to universities, hospitals and businesses.

Hiring an industrial reserarcher is a unique opportunity for a close collaboration on solving specific research and development tasks in your company and strengthen the cooperative relationship between business and researchers.

You have the opportunity to enter into three types of collaboration with researchers from Health: Co-financed research, commissioned research or a scheme where you hire an industrial researcher in your company for a limited period.

At AU Job- og Projektbank you can offer a project that your company or organisation would like a thesis student to work with. In this way you can have a specialised analysis carried out, and the student can work on a relevant case.

You can access the latest research within a specific area by entering into an agreement with Aarhus University on licensing a research result.

Want to know more?

Don't hesitate to contact us, if you have an idea for a collaboration project or want to know more about the ways to collaborate with Health.

Health collaborates with private companies as well as public institutions and universities all over the world.

For instance, you can collaborate with the faculty in the form of: Co-financed research projects, commissioned research, licensing agreements or hiring an industrial researcher.

You can also read about the ways to collaborate with Aarhus University in general at the main AU website.