Educational collaboration

Companies and individuals from business and industry are affiliated with Health’s degree programmes, and the industry has been involved in developing a business-oriented talent track for particularly talented students. Innovation courses are directed toward commercialisation of new products for the healthcare industry, while Industrial PhDs build bridges between PhD programmes and companies. 

Opportunities for educational collaboration

Industrial PhD/postdoc

A combined business-oriented research project and PhD programme in a collaboration between a company, a PhD student and the university. Companies apply to the Innovation Fund Denmark on an Industrial PhD and the PhD candidate applies to the Graduate School.

Read about industrial PhD, how to apply and how your company benefits from working with an Industrial PhD here.

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Business-oriented honours programmes

INNO-X and Science for Society are among the organisations providing teaching staff when health’s students with a nose for business are admitted to a two-year talent and honours programme, where business and industry are key and innovation is one of the things on the timetable.

Business-orientated elective subjects on the medical degree programme

Two business-oriented elective subjects on the medical degree programme aim at innovation and industry. The coming medical doctors can get training in how to carry out innovation projects and also get an insight into how medicinal products are developed and approved.

Internships and Master’s thesis agreements

Students at Health can gain insight into – and access to – the labour market and working life by completing a work placement or internship, or by writing their Master's thesis in collaboration with a company or public organisation as part of their degree programme.