Louise Binow Kjær



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Louise Binow Kjær CV

Areas of expertise

  • Medical education
  • Qualitative/mixed methods research
  • Practice theory
  • Faculty development
  • Student-centered learning

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The focal point of my work as researcher and teacher is practice-based learning, especially within health professions education. I have a background as MSc in political science and Ph.D. in medical education. Since 2011 I have  been involved in educational development, teaching and research  in the intersection between the university and the health sector. I also have considerable experince as project manager, clinical communication skills teacher and teacher in collegial supervision. 

Job responsibilities

I conduct research in medical education with a focus on clinical learning and educational management. An important part of my work is to convert research results into applicable knowledge, for example through courses, workshops and teaching materials for teachers and educational leaders in health professions education. My research is grounded in practice theory and I mix qualitative (ethnography, audio diaries and interviews) and quantitative methods (questionnaires) to gain a broad insight.

Selected publications

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