Thomas Maribo


Professor, PhD

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Thomas Maribo

Areas of expertise

  • Rehabilitation
  • Functioning
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • ICF

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I combine my clinical training as a physiotherapist with my academic background. I have dedicated much of my career to clinical practice and scientific research in rehabilitation, particularly focusing on biopsychosocial rehabilitation in public health and cardiac rehabilitation. In recent years, I've been heavily involved in cardiac rehabilitation, gaining extensive experience in multidisciplinary teamwork, vocational rehabilitation, and patient interactions. Initially, my focus was mainly on exercise and physical aspects of rehabilitation, but I've since embraced a holistic biopsychosocial approach to patient care.

I led the development of the Danish White Paper on Rehabilitation, released in 2022, establishing a nationally recognised definition of rehabilitation endorsed by governmental authorities and national health and social work boards. Additionally, I co-chair the WHO working group 'Functioning and Disability Reference Group.'

Teaching activities

My teaching is influenced by my interest in practice research in rehabilitation with patient and public involvement. When teaching, I draw on examples from clinical practice, such as patient cases. I mix lectures with practical exercises, group work, and questions for the students, using my knowledge and skills as a clinician and manager to illustrate my lectures. As a researcher, manager, and PhD supervisor, I often use examples from current studies or projects. I organize teaching activities where students prepare for class and engage with the material between sessions to enhance learning. I use study questions, e-learning, and peer feedback to support student learning, recognising its importance for future health science professionals.


With a position divided between Aarhus University and the Central Denmark Region, I have collaborated across research/education and clinical practice for many years. I lead a research program 'Practice-Oriented Rehabilitation Research (SPR)' which is a collaboration between the university, municipalities, the region, and VIA University College.

Selected publications

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