With personalised medicine, treatment and prevention are adapted to the individual patient’s genetics, environment and lifestyle. The objective is to treat a range of diseases more effectively and with the fewest possible side effects – ranging from cancer, cardiovascular and immune-related diseases to diabetes and psychiatric disorders.

Personalised medicine is developing in a high tempo internationally, and in Denmark we can contribute with unique access to health data from the extensive Danish registers, national biobanks and genetic databases.

This is the background for starting a network in which we can stimulate ground-breaking research and research-based teaching within this broad academic field, and work together to ensure that developments end up benefiting patients and society as quickly as possible.

The network covers a wide field across the university’s faculties and Aarhus University Hospital and incorporates a number of regional, national and international initiatives. The members are experts in areas including genetics, molecular biology, bioinformatics, supercomputing, epidemiology, pharmacology, law and ethics.


Anja P. Einholm

Network Coordinator

Administrative support, Networks

Email: research-networks.health@au.dk