Mads Ronald Dahl


MSc, PhD, MI, Special Consultant

Primary affiliation

Mads Ronald Dahl

Areas of expertise

  • Subject specific digital literacy
  • Digital competency development
  • Educational development
  • Artificial int. in education
  • Assessment formats

Contact information

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Mads Ronald Dahl is an educational developer at Aarhus University, recognized for his contributions to digital education and curriculum development. With a focus on integrating relevant technology into teaching, learning, and assessment, he initiatives that blend traditional educational principles with contemporary digital advancements. His work at Aarhus University emphasizes the aligning learning goals with future digital competencies and AI, ensuring that both staff and students are prepared for a rapidly evolving world. Through research, teaching, and facilitating development Mads has become a voice in advancing European educational frameworks, fostering collaboration, and advocating for dynamic, technology-supported learning environments.

Selected publications

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