PhD Day focuses on research pitfalls

The annual PhD Day will be held on 23 January 2015. The theme is Academic Doping and the intention is to start a debate about the consequences of overstated CVs for research and the research culture.

[Translate to English:] PhD Day 2015 afholdes den 23. januar. Foto: Lars Kruse, AU Kommunikation.
[Translate to English:] PhD Day 2015 afholdes den 23. januar. Foto: Lars Kruse, AU Kommunikation.

Research for the sake of science or for the sake of a CV? Publications and citations are keywords in the academic world, and as a researcher you are measured in terms of how much you publish and the scientific journals that you publish in. This pressure leads to publications with an unnaturally large number of co-authors who do not necessarily have an insight into the research behind the project. And this is precisely the issue that will be taken up at the PhD Day 2015 under the theme of Academic Doping.

The panel will discuss integrity and responsible research conduct

Four panellists have been given the task of putting the theme into perspective and kicking off the debate, which takes place at midday at the Lakeside Lecture Theatres. As a new initiative, the audience in the auditorium are directly invited to contribute comments and questions to the panellists via social media.

The four panellists are:

  • Kirsten Ohm Kyvik, professor, MPM, department head of the Institute of Regional Health Research at the University of Southern Denmark.
  • Jørgen Frøkier, professor, vice-chair of the Danish Council for Independent Research - Medical Sciences.
  • Ask Vest Christiansen, associate professor with a focus on doping in sport at the Department of Public Health, Section for Sport Science, Aarhus University.
  • Eskild Petersen, clinical associate professor at the Department of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University and editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Infectious Diseases.

Morten Staberg is the keynote speaker

Medical specialist in childhood diseases Morten Staberg has previously appeared in the media with comments about the amount of time hospital doctors currently spend on registration and documentation, rather than spending time with the patients. On 23 January he will visit the Lakeside Lecture Theatres as keynote speaker. In his presentation he will focus on research ethics in the field of medical science and the relationship with medical ethics.

Award ceremony and presentation of research projects

During the day, PhD students and some research year students will present their research projects in the form of oral presentations and poster presentations. The winners of the prestigious Fogh Nielsen Award for PhD students will also be announced during the day.