Higher Doctoral Degrees since 2011


Degree Name Title of thesis Awarded
doctor odontologiaeLise-Lotte KirkevangA Population-Based Cohort Study Of Changes In Endodontic Status Over A 10-Year Period, 1997 To 2008 10th January 2019
doctor medicinaeKaren-Lise Garm Spindler Clinical Utility Of Tumor Specific Mutations And Circulating Nucleic Acids In Plasma From Patients With Metastatic Colorectal Cancer 14th February 2019
doctor medicinae Michael Lynge PedersenDiabetes In Greenland 2008-2017. A New Model Of Diabetes Care In Greenland Based On Continued Monitoring, Analysis And Adjustment Of Initiatives Taken 18th March 2019
doctor medicinae Henrik StøvringUsing Prescription Data As Indicators Of Disease Or Drug Use, New Analytic Methods Based On Renewal Processes1st April 2019


Degree NameTitle of thesisAwarded
doctor medicinaeLene Vase ToftCan Insights From Placebo And Nocebo Mechanism Studies Improve The Randomized Controlled Trial? 23rd April 2018
doctor medicinaeJakob LinnetDopaminergic Dysfunctions In Gambling Disorder. Evidence From Neurotransmission And The Iowa Gambling Task18th August 2018
doctor medicinae Ebbe Briggs BødtkjerMechanisms Of Cellular Acid-Based Regulation: Implications For Vascular Function And Breast Carcinogenesis 5th September 2018
doctor medicinae Brian HansenExperimental Diffusion Mri From Cellular-Level Microscopy To In Vivo Application23rd October 2018
doctor medicinae Jamie Laurenne GradusThe Long-Term Consequences Of Trauma And Stress Disorders: Evidence From The Danish Registries 23rd October 2018
doctor medicinae Brian Bridal LøgstrupAlterations In Microcirculation And Myocardial Deformation In Clinical And Subclinical Cardiac And Systemic Disease Manifestations 23rd October 2018
doctor medicinae Lars Wiuff AndersenIn-Hospital Cardiac Arrest. Studies From A Large United States Registry 16th November 2018
doctor medicinae Lars Peter Schødt RiberPrevention And Impact Of Post-Operative Atrial Fibrillation After Cardio-Thoracic Surgery 16th November 2018


DegreeNameTitle of thesisAwarded
doctor medicinaeThomas Borbjerg AndersenLumbar Spinal Fusion In Elderly Patients. Studies On Fusion Rate Improvement, Outcome Prediction And Health Econimic Impact 12th January 2017
doctor medicinae Yasser MahmoudUncoupling And Mechanism Of P-Type Atpases 15th May 2017
doctor medicinae Eigil KjeldsenOligo-Based Array-Cgh Analysis As An Adjunct To Routine Cytogenetic Diagnostics Of Hematological Malignancies 8th August 2017


DegreeNameTitle of thesisAwarded
doctor medicinaeJakob ChristensenCauses And Consequences Of Epilepsy Epidemiological Studies Of Epilepsy 8th June 2016
doctor medicinaeAstrid Juhl TerkelsenAutonomic Measures In Acute Pain And Complex Regional Pain Syndrome 15th July 2016
doctor medicinae Alma Besic PedersenTotal Hip Replacement Surgery – Occurrence And Prognosis 16th September 2016
doctor odontologiae Lene Baad-HansenTesting Somatosensory Function In The Study Of Orofacial Pain Mechanisms16th September 2016
doctor medicinae Michael Rahbek SchmidtProtecting The Immature And Mature Heart By Mechanical And Matabolic Intervention And Remote Ischemic Conditioning 11th November 2016
doctor medicinae Tejs Ehlers KlugPeritonsillar Abscess: Clinical Aspects Of Microbiology, Risk Factors, And The Association With Parapharyngeal Abscess 17th November 2016
doctor medicinae Kirstine StochholmThe Epidemiology Of Sex Chromosomal Abnormalities7th December 2016
doctor medicinae Inger MechlenburgPeriacetabular Osteotomy In Patients With Hip Dysplasia Investigated With Imaging Modalities 12th December 2016


DegreeNameTitle of thesisAwarded
doctor medicinae Henrik JensenSurgical Treatment Of Functional Ischemic Mitral Regurgitation 5th February 2015
doctor medicinae Morten Ølgaard Jegstrup JensenBiomechanical Aspects Of Mitral Valve Function And Repair19th March 2015
doctor medicinae Christian Ansgar HundahlNeuroglobin And Cytoglobin Expression In The Central Nervous System 22nd May 2015
doctor medicinae Sune Nørhøj JespersenDiffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging Of Brain Tissue Microstructure 23rd June 2015
doctor medicinae Asger GranfeldtAnimal Models Of Organ Dysfunction – Effects Of Antiinflammatory Interventions 19th October 2015


DegreeNameTitle of thesisAwarded
doctor medicinaeJesper MelchiorsenLearning From The Messengers: Innate Sensing Of Viruses And Cytokine Regulation Of Immunity – Clues For Treatments And Vaccines 26th May 2014
doctor medicinae Thomas Vorup-JensenOn The Roles Of Polyvant Binding In Immune Recognition: Perspectives In The Nanoscience Of Immunology And The Immune Response To Nanomedicines29th September 2014


DegreeNameTitle of thesisAwarded
doctor  medicinae Inge Bülow PedersenThyroid Autoimmunity And Thyroid Dysfunction In Denmark. On The Importance Of Iodine Intake And Other Risk Factors 10th May 2013
doctor medicinaeGunnar Vase ToftPersistent Organochlorine Pollutants And Human Reproductive Health 4th July 2013
doctor medicinae Holger Jon MøllerSoluble Cd163 10th December 2013
doctor medicinae Jens Georg HansenAkut Rhinosinuitis (Ars) – Diagnostik Og Behandling Af Voksne I Almen Praksis 10th December 2013


DegreeNameTitle of thesisAwarded
doctor medicinaeSøren Naaby HansenFunctional And Immunological Analysis Of The Human Sperm Proteome 26th January 2012
doctor medicinaeAnders TroelsenAssessment Of Adult Hip Dysplasia And The Outcome Of Surgical Treatment 28th February 2012
doctor medicinae Gregers WegnerPreclinical Studies Of Serotonin And Nitric Oxide In Affective Disorders 8th March 2012
doctor medicinae Per BorghammerPerfusion And Metabolism Imaging Studies In Parkinson’s Disease 24th April 2012
doctor medicinae Lone NikolajsenPostmaputation Pain: Studies On Mechanisms 16th May 2012
doctor medicinae Jørgen Bjerggaard JensenLymph Node Dissection In Bladder Cancer. Impact On Staging And Prognosis 19th October 2012


DegreeNameTitle of thesisAwarded
doctor medicinaeThomas Decker ChristensenSelf-Management Of Oral Anticoagulation Therapy – Methodological And Clinical Aspects 11th April 2011
doctor medicinaePeter HumaidanSelf-Management Of Oral Anticoagulation Therapy – Methodological And Clinical Aspects 24th June 2011
doctor medicinae Troels Krarup HansenMannose-Binding Lectin In Diabetes 12th September 2011
doctor medicinae Lars Henning OlsenThe Development Of Voiding. Experimental And Clinical Aspects 31st October 2011
doctor medicinae Lene Hjerrild IversenAspects Of Survival From Colorectal Cancer In Denmark 20th December 2011