Submission of the higher doctoral dissertation

When submitting your higher doctoral dissertation, you must submit the following materials:

  • One OCR-readable PDF file with the higher doctoral dissertation (the compressed account).
  • One OCR-readable PDF file with articles which are part of the dissertation.
  • One OCR-readable PDF file with co-authorship statements (Word).
  • A completed and signed information form (Word).
  • A CV with a list of publications.

All materials must be sent to the PhD administration at Health at the same time to the following address

If you resubmit a dissertation, you must furthermore also submit:

  • A statement that clearly describes the changes that have been made in relation to the first dissertation.
  • The recommendation from the original assessment committee. 

You may also submit the following materials; however they will not be assessed:

  • An OCR-readable PDF file with a copy of your PhD dissertation with the published articles or any other dissertation or thesis which has previously formed the basis for the award of an academic degree. 

Screening for duplicate text and acceptance for assessment

All submitted higher doctoral dissertations are screened for duplicate text. Find information of screening for duplicate text (PDF).

Furthermore textual comparison between the higher doctoral dissertation and a potential PhD dissertation by the same author is made. Results showing duplicate text will be laid before the Duplicate Text Committee.

If the dissertation is accepted for assessment after the screening, the Higher Doctoral Dissertation Committee, Health appoints an academic assessment committee.