Partner Universities

The Faculty of Health are involved in partnerships with universities in 16 countries.

These include Nordplus partners in the Nordic countries, Erasmus+ partners in Europe and bilateral partnerships with institutions overseas.

Partnerships include:

  • bilateral exchange of students at BSc and MSc level
  • bilateral exchange of faculty and staff
  • international summer university courses.

Exchange coordinators

Exchange coordinators from partner universities with inquiries about bilateral contracts, study opportunities for their students or staff exchange should contact the faculty's International Relations Office at   

Dental Hygienist

NorwayUniversity of BergenErasmus+
The Arctic University of NorwayErasmus+
SwedenKarolinska InstitutetErasmus+


Norway The Arctic University of Norway Erasmus+
Sweden University of Gothenburg Erasmus+
USA University of Minnesota Bilateral


Country University Agreement
Australia University of Adelaide Bilateral
Deakin University Bilateral
Austria Medical University of Graz   Erasmus+
Medical University of Vienna   Erasmus+  
Medical University of Innsbruck   Erasmus+
Czech Republic Charles University 1st Faculty Erasmus+
China Harbin Medical University Bilateral
Finland University of Eastern Finland   Nordplus
University of Helsinki   Nordplus
University of Oulu   Nordplus
University of Tampere   Nordplus
University of Turku   Nordplus
Germany Charité - Universitäts Medizin Berlin   Erasmus+
Heidelberg University    Erasmus+
LMU München    Erasmus+
University of Freiburg   Erasmus+
Iceland University of Iceland Nordplus
Italy University of Bologna Erasmus+
Universitá Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Erasmus+
Norway University of Bergen Erasmus+
University of Oslo Erasmus+
The Arctic University of Norway (UiT) Erasmus+
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) Nordplus
Slovenia University of Ljubljana Erasmus+
Spain University of Barcelona Erasmus+
Sweden Karolinska Institutet Erasmus+
Linköping University Nordplus
Lund University Nordplus
Umeå University Nordplus
University of Gothenburg Nordplus
Uppsala University Nordplus
Turkey Ege University Erasmus+

Public Health

AustraliaDeakin UniversityBilateral

Sport Science

AustraliaUniversity of DeakinBilateral
FinlandUniversity of JyväskylaErasmus+
GermanyUniversity of BayreythErasmus+
IcelandUniversity of IcelandNordplus
LithuaniaLithuanian Sports UniversityErasmus+
NorwayNorwegian School of Sport SciencesErasmus+
University College of Southeast NorwayErasmus+
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)  Nordplus
University of AgderNordplus
Western Norway University of Applied SciencesNordplus
SwedenUniversity of GothenburgErasmus+
Linneaus UniversityNordplus
The Swedish School of Sport and Health SciencesNordplus
Malmö UniversityNordplus
Umeå UniversityNordplus
Örebro UniversityNordplus