Doctoral dissertations

The higher doctoral degree is the highest academic degree that can be awarded at a Danish university on the basis of a dissertation which is defended at a public, oral defence. The doctoral degree is awarded as the university’s acknowledgement of the author’s considerable scientific insight and maturity, and on the basis that the dissertation has contributed substantially to the advancement of science.

Health can award the higher doctoral degree in: Medical Science – doctor medicinae ( and Odontology – doctor odontologiae (dr.odont.).

Who can submit a doctoral dissertation?

Anyone who has acquired a Master’s degree or a PhD degree within the subject area concerned is entitled to submit a higher doctoral dissertation for assessment. The institution may allow others to submit a dissertation.

When can Health refuse to consider a doctoral dissertation for assessment?

Health may refuse to consider a dissertation for assessment, if

  • it is evident, considering the form or content of the dissertation, that the doctoral degree cannot be awarded; or
  • the institution has no experts at professor level within the dissertation‘s subject area; or
  • the dissertation has previously been subject to assessment with a view to the awarding of the higher doctoral degree at an institution of higher education, without the degree being awarded.


General provisions

  • Ministry of Education Order no. 750 of 14 August 1996 on Doctoral Degrees
  • Aarhus University’s guidelines etc.
  • The Ministry of Higher Education and Science’s letter of 6 January 1999 on public access to recommendations from assessment committees

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