Appointment of the assessment committee

The assessment committee consists of three members (two external with at least one member from abroad, and a chair appointed from among the faculty’s own academic staff). Members of the assessment committee must hold positions at professor level and Danish members should preferably hold a higher doctoral degree. The assessment committee is appointed by the Higher Doctoral Dissertation Committee no later than three months after the submission of the dissertation.

The higher doctoral candidate’s comments to the assessment committee are then acquired. In cases where there is an objection, the Higher Doctoral Dissertation Committee reconsiders the composition of the committee. The author may then within eight days withdraw the dissertation from assessment. The doctoral dissertation will be regarded as being newly submitted if it is subsequently submitted for assessment again.

If the author does not have any objections, the committee will be appointed and given a deadline of five months for the assessment.

Until the Higher Doctoral Dissertation Committee has approved the committee's assessment, all contact between the author and the assessment committee may only take place via the HE PhD Administration.


Any member of the assessment committee have a duty to notify the chair if there are conditions that may disqualify him/her or another member from serving. This may e.g. be the case in situations where a member has special financial or personal interest in a particular outcome of the assessment, or where a member has been involved in joint publications or projects with the higher doctoral candidate. As a member of the assessment committee, and before the work of the committee begins, you must therefore return a signed declaration of impartiality (Word) to the PhD Administration

The assessment committee’s work and recommendation

The work of the assessment committee is described in further detail in the guidelines for assessment committees for doctoral dissertations at Health (PDF in Danish). The committee must prepare a reasoned and written recommendation which must be able to form the basis for the Higher Doctoral Dissertation Committee's decision on whether the dissertation can/cannot be accepted for defence. If the administration finds formal shortcomings or the Higher Doctoral Dissertation Committee finds the content of the recommendation insufficient, it can be returned to the assessment committee for revision.

When the final recommendation is available, it must immediately be sent to the author. If the Higher Doctoral Dissertation Committee recommends the dissertation for defence, the author together with the assessment committee should find a date for the defence as far as possible within two weeks. Following this, preparations for the holding of the defence can begin.

In the case of a negative or not unanimous recommendation, the author has the opportunity to submit his/her own comments or to withdraw the dissertation from further consideration within a three week deadline.  

If the author submits comments without withdrawing the dissertation, the assessment committee has the opportunity to comment on the comments and possibly revise the recommendation. The author is then notified about the committee's reaction and the processing of the recommendation by the dean and the Academic Council.

Printing of the dissertation

The author is obliged to ensure that the dissertation is printed and is publicly available at least four weeks prior to the defence (see section 16 of the ministerial order). Please note the rules concerning legal deposit (pligtaflevering) of published works. The printing house is obligated to hand in two copies of your dissertation to the Royal Danish Library. Make sure that the printing house is aware of the rules.

10 copies of the dissertation must be submitted to the faculty (HE PhD Administration).

Furthermore, no later than four weeks before the defence, the author must submit an abstract to the Journal of the Danish Medical Association and the Danish Medical Journal (PDF in Danish)