Higher doctoral dissertation committee, Health

The higher doctoral dissertation committee was established in 2019 and is appointed by the Academic Council Health. The Chair of the Academic Council also chairs the higher doctoral dissertation committee that is made up of 1 Vice-Dean and 3 professors appointed for a two year period. 

Members of the higher doctoral dissertation committee

  • Tine Brink Henriksen (Professor and chair)
  • Hans Erik Bøtker (Vice Dean)
  • Ebbe Bødtker, Professor
  • Nanna Brix Finnerup, Professor
  • Peter Svensson, Professor 

All enquiries to the doctoral dissertation committee should be forwarded by mail to the PhD administration at graduateschoolhealth@au.dk

Tasks of the higher doctoral dissertation committee

  1. Decides if the higher doctoral dissertation can be consider for assessment (Ministry of Education Order no. 750 of 14 August 1996 on Doctoral Degrees §4 stk. 2)
  2. Appoints assesment committees.   
  3. Checks that the academic recommendation of the assesment committee, whether the dissertation can/cannot be accepted for defence, apply to the academic level and content ascribed in the Ministerial Order on Doctoral Degrees.