Clinical biochemistry, genetics and molecular medicine

We offer analysis of medicinal products, drugs of abuse and metabolites in biological samples. The analyses can be ordered as finished analysis packages, or they can be adapted as required.

We offer molecular interaction analysis services for all scientists at Aarhus University as well as external academic and industrial partners.

The Research Laboratories are divided into specialized laboratories within microbiology, cell cultivation, materials research, histology and 3D printing. The laboratories employ five highly specialized laboratory technicians/medical laboratory technicians, all with many years of experience.

Storage of samples, biopsies and other biological material. Rent a space for your own freezer or rent space in one of our freezers.

The core facility offers equipment and expertise regarding mass spectrometric protein analysis (proteomics; LC-MS/MS) as well as mitochondrial function (SeaHorse; NucleoCounter) and signalling (LC-MS/MS), and we also offer collaboration on projects that include these areas.

We specialise in cardiovascular and metabolic phenotyping in the broadest sense - both for researchers at the department and for external clients. We mainly focus on cardiovascular phenotyping, but also offer advice, guidance and technical assistance on general surgeries, blood sampling and tissue collection.