Imaging facilities

The Bioimaging Core Facility provide state-of-the-art equipment for a wide range of light microscopy applications. All system setups are designed to cover most bioimaging applications with a strong focus to meet future requirements and minimize complexity towards the users.  The Bioimaging Core Facility focus on microscopy knowledge sharing and in addition they offer access to advanced bioimaging software, expertise in image data analysis, and project based microscopy education.

CML has a wide-ranging interdisciplinary collaboration with health and natural scientific fields, in particular. We have expertise in micro imaging, telemetry, physiology sensors, hyperbaric physiology and 3D printing. Everyone with an interest is welcome to contact us.

The MR Centre offers scanning facilities for pre-clinical and clinical studies of biomedicine and bioscience – including special dynamic organ function measurements and detailed metabolic tissue measurements in connection with diseases.

The Research Laboratories are divided into specialized laboratories within microbiology, cell cultivation, materials research, histology and 3D printing. The laboratories employ five highly specialized laboratory technicians/medical laboratory technicians, all with many years of experience.