Guidelines for the assessment committee

The committee's academic task

The committee is tasked with submitting an academically reasoned recommendation as to whether the dissertation is found suitable for defense with a view to obtaining the higher doctoral degree. It is therefore expected that the committee in its recommendation critically assesses the dissertation’s methodology and results, and whether the author possesses “considerable scientific insight and maturity” and considers whether the author has “substantially contributed to the advancement of science with the dissertation” (ministerial order 3(2)).

If the doctoral dissertation consists of a collection of articles, then both the individual articles and the compressed account must be reviewed individually, and a critical approach should be taken to methodologies used and results as well as the individual article's contribution to science. Articles which have previously made a basis for conferring an academic degree – e.g. articles from a PhD thesis – can not be included in the assessment of the doctoral dissertation.

Furthermore, in its recommendation the committee must also assess whether the higher doctoral candidate has demonstrated independence in relation to his or her previous research environment and in this way demonstrated academic independence and maturity.

The chair is responsible for ensuring that the assessment takes place according to the scheduled deadlines.

The chair is responsible for compiling the members' contributions to the committee's recommendation and for ensuring that the compiled recommendation is presented as a uniform text, which is objectively formulated and generally drawn up in accordance with the guidelines set out in the ministerial order, in the faculty’s guidelines and in the template/disposition for the committee’s recommendation (Word). In this way, the chair must ensure that the recommendation is suitable as a basis for processing by the Higher Doctoral Dissertation Committee and the Academic Council, respectively.

In addition, the chair must allocate the work between the members of the assessment committee and determine with them who will act as the first and second official opponent in connection with the defense.

Finally, the chair is tasked with undertaking the faculty's obligations as host of the committee's external members. This task is undertaken in accordance with the faculty’s guide - hosting at Health (PDF)

The other members of the assessment committee undertake the basic academic assessment of the doctoral dissertation, prepare contributions to the committee's recommendation and also act as official opponents at the defense.      

Practical information for the committee's external members

Questions about booking travel and accommodation in connection with the defense should be directed to the chair of the assessment committee. Expenses for travel and accommodation are reimbursed by the faculty.

Receipts for expenses should be sent to the HE PhD Administration together with the travel expense report.

Remuneration for work carried out on the assessment committee is made corresponding to 20 hours of work by academic staff. This also covers attendance at the defense. The remuneration is paid once the assessment and defense have been completed.