Regine Grytnes


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Regine Grytnes




I am an anthropologist and obtained my Ph.D. from Aarhus University in 2013. I have extensive experience in qualitative and mixed methods studies, and I am deeply engaged in exploring how people (patients, citizens, employees, managers) interact with systems, technology, disease, treatment, and the working environment – and how these act on individuals and groups.

My research interests include:

  • User perspectives and lived experiences, including the application, translation and negotiation of knowledge. For example, I investigate how patient- reported data influences on clinical care and patient experiences.
  • Tailoring and implementation of technologies, focusing on the potential of digital technologies in involving different patient groups in their own treatment trajectories
  • Workplace learning and practice, examining how the use of digital patient-reported outcomes and tools reshapes organizational practices.

Currently my research activities centre around the following research projects:

  • 'The LISTEN project: implementation of a health a safety intervention using audio storytelling' (2022-2025).
  • 'Digital support for patients with bipolar disorder' and 'Clinicians' experience of digital patient trajectories' (Part of the research program 'User-driven treatment and digital solutions') (2024-2026).

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